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The Allegheny Conference was established September 26, 1945. This was a historical year for Blacks in the Columbia Union Conference. The Allegheny Conference was organized in the rear of a book store near Howard University with 4,000 members. Elder J. H. Wagner was elected the first president, and by the end of 1967, the conference was divided into two conferences: Allegheny East and West. The Allegheny West Conference elected Elder W. M. Starks as it first president. Later, he became the Stewardship Secretary for the General Conference. Then, Elder Donald B. Simons was chosen as the second president and a major share of organizational details in setting up the new conference fell to Elder Simons. In an arrangement with the Ohio Conference, Allegheny West used its campground Mount Vernon for Camp Meeting.


Sunset Schedule
Sunset Schedule
For: Columbus, OH
5:08 PM Dec 4, 2015 (Sabbath Starts)
5:08 PM Dec 5, 2015 (Sabbath Ends)
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