The Allegheny Conference territory consisted of seven states and the District of Columbia. The seven states were: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. When it was first organized in 1944, it had about 4,000 members. By 1966, the conference had grown to almost 12,000 members, nearly tripling its membership, and had 74 churches. Because the membership was so large, and the territory was so vast, it was felt that the western section of the conference was not being properly served by the conference administration.

Elder Neal Wilson initiated a meeting on May 1, 1966, at the Berea Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Delegates from both the east and west sides of Allegheny Conference were in attendance. It was at this meeting that the decision was made to divide Allegheny territory in two conferences: Allegheny East and Allegheny West


Allegheny West Conference

Allegheny West Conference is one of eight conferences in the Columbia Union of Seventh-day Adventist. It was organized in 1966 when the Allegheny Conference divided in two conferences. The Allegheny West territory included Ohio, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, specific sections of Virginia, and the tip end of Maryland. 

After the initial decision to divide into two conferences, Allegheny West members had an organizational meeting November 13, 1966 at Columbus Junior Academy (later named Eastwood Junior Academy) on Napoleon Ave in Columbus, Ohio. The conferences started with 4,398 members and 28 churches. Elder Walter Starks was elected at the first president and Elder Aaron Brogden as secretary-treasurer. On January 1, 1967, the conference officially began. The officers met in the pastor's study and another small room in the Ephesus Church on Fifth Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. The pastor at that time was Elder James Washington.

The officers asked Elder Washington, if he knew of any available buildings that they could purchase for a conference office. Elder Washington made inquiries of a Jewish attorney who he knew. The attorney told him that he knew of a building for sale that was across from the synagogue that he attended on Broad Street. Elder Washington told the conference brethren, who ultimately executed the purchase of the present building, located on 1339 East Broad Street, for $68,000. The conference moved in on February 6, 1967.



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