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Adventist Community Service

Department Head: Jerome Hurst
614-252-5271 ext. 43

The Community Services/Dorcas Society is an important feature of the outreach (missionary) activities of the church. This society gathers and prepares clothing, food, and other supplies for the poor, needy, and unfortunate. This organization works in close cooperation with the deacons and deaconesses of the church. Community Services/Dorcas ministry, however, includes more than giving material aid; it encompasses also adult education, visiting, homemaking, home nursing, counseling, and other services. The church Personal Ministries Department has primary responsibility for this work.



Volunteers Needed: Process for Use of Volunteers on Deployment

1.       Union Director/ Coordinator will compile list of approved Conference individuals that want to deploy during a Recovery effort, which will include name, birthdate, dates of availability and sponsoring conference

2.      NAD will provide a point of contact and number at least 72 hours before departure for use upon arrival at designated address.

3.      Transportation will be the responsibility of the Sponsoring Conference, or individual ACS DR Volunteer; however, if NAD is able to secure transportation, a confirmation email will be sent to the Union Director and Volunteer at least 24 hours before arrival as appropriate.

4.      NAD will ensure ACS DR team members are aware who is responsible for transportation, lodging and food during the duration of Recovery effort.

5.      NAD will provide list of type of work that will be expected while deployed, which could include Warehousing, Distribution Centers, Collection Sites and or Recovery work as agreed by Sponsoring Conference, Union and/or NAD as appropriate based on the level of training and need during the Recovery period.