The primary mission and ministry of the Secretariat department is to provide support to the employees and churches of Allegheny West Conference. This is accomplished in the following ways:


The preparation, recording and maintain of:

  • Executive Committee agenda and minutes
  • Personnel Subcommittee agenda and minutes
  • Conference Administrative Committee minutes

 Support to the Human Resources department, which is responsible  for:

  • Hiring
  • Termination
  • Benefits
  • Employee Meditation (with care, concern, & confidentiality)
  • AWC Employee Handbook development
  • Coordination of policy development and orientation
  • Chair Salary Review Committee
  • Employee training in professional ethics and standards

 Ministry to conference churches in the following ways:

  • Officiating functions
  • Preaching
  • Organizing mission groups, companies, and churches
  • Conference ministry and social functions
  • Conflict management for churches, schools and personnel when initial first-level resolution is unsuccessful
  • Member of Crisis Management Team

 Ministry in support of the Conference Office operations:

  • Employee training and development
  • Communication
  • Grievance and advocacy process
  • Regular meetings with hourly staff
  • Office Schools
  • Interface with legal counsel in representing the interest of Allegheny West Conference and its constituents.

This office is headed by the Secretariat Marvin C. Brown, III and staff with a dedicated team of professionals that include: Executive Assistant, Amneris Martinez and Human Resources Coordinator, Haycin C. Nurse.

The conference has experienced an unprecedented level of service delivered in support of our employees, ministries in the field, and in the organization and support of newly formed churches, companies, and mission groups. The Secretariat office is privilege to give its best in ministry and service to Allegheny West, its employees, its churches, and the faithful members who are the heart and soul of this conference.