Allegheny West Conference held its 17th Annual Constituency Meeting with approximately 300+ delegates present from the following states of Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Dana Edmonds started with a devotional to remind everyone to live up thy prayer in the remnant. He stated we must remember to always stay with the remnant because the remnant is us and we are all that God has left.

A parade of nations took place showing the 65 countries currently present in Allegheny West. The conference continues to expand and grow more every year.

In favor with the majority, William T. Cox (President), Marvin C. Brown (Secretary), and H. Candance Nurse (Treasurer) were reelected for another term. President Cox mentioned how blessed he was to have formed a bond with his team. President Cox thanks every delegate who attended and made this possible. 

“We have a high level of Ministry Beyond the Walls taking place throughout the conference,” says President Cox. Churches from around Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Virginia and their ministry initiatives were represented in video presentations throughout the session. This includes helping young ladies, feeding the homeless, providing educational institutions, and providing housing.

In addition, a change was made to the departmental staff in a vote to make Pastor Jason Ridley (Columbus Hilltop) the new youth director of the conference.

Other regional conference presidents were present such as Bill Winston (South Atlantic Conference), Calvin Watkins (Southwest Region), Roger Bernard (Central States Conference), and Dave Weigly (Columbia Union Conference), led out in sharing the meeting.