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Quarterly Reporting Instructions


Statistical Report/Membership Update:

eAdventist is equipped with a reporting tool that will be utilized by the Conference Office to generate a Statistical Report. Therefore, eAdventist has eliminated the clerk having to send an actual written Quarterly Report to the Conference Office. Howerver, the clerk is required to enter any and all membership updates by the 5th of the month following the end of the quarter. These updates include:                                          

  • Baptism 
  • Profession of Faith
  • Transfer Letters (Incoming)
  • Transfer Letters (Outgoing)
  • Death
  • Dropped
  • Missing


Attendance Report:

At this time, eAdventist is not equipped with reporting the Sabbath School/Church Attendance Report. Therefore, this report is due from all online clerks by the 5th of the month following the end of quarter. For your convenience, this form can be completed online. The link(s) are provided below:

Attendance Report-English

Informe de Asistencia-Espanol


eAdventist Reporting Issues:

Although we expect all on-line clerks to make all updates in eAdventist, we understand that form time to time, eAdventist reporting issues may occur. Therefore, we would like to make these forms available to you in case you have a problem reporting in eAdventist. Please not that these forms are to be used by on-line clerks in case of an emergency only. These forms are not to take precedence over eAdventist reporting.



Online Reporting:


Manual Reporting:

Manual Statistical Report/Membership Update forms are to be used in case of eAdventist Reporting Issues Only***